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It is 14 years after the formation of the Empire (AFE), and the Imperial war machine spreads across the galaxy, on a mission to bring order and stability to the galaxy, yet anywhere outside the Core Worlds, citizens of this new Empire see oppression, hardship, and horrors.

Slowly, and on disparate worlds, small resistances are beginning to form – as people ban together to drive the Imperials from their home planets. Most are crushed ruthlessly in their infancy, but a rare few are successful enough to actually cause some real damage and gain support from downtrodden citizens growing into real rebellions.


On the planet Mygeeto, located in the distant Albarrio Sector of the Outer Rim, a resistance is growing in strength and aggression in the Prymyhst Region. Calling itself the Mygeeto Revolutionary Army, the MRA works to thwart Imperial forces at every opportunity, trying to drive the Empire from their planet by making occupation of the system too costly. Sabotage, assassination, raising insurrections, freeing prisoners and slaves, propaganda, recruiting, they use any means necessary to resist overwhelming forces.

Home Page

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